“Wonderful…an intricate piece of work that touches on our sensibilities with humor, and a genuine philosophical perspective.”
Ruby Dee, Legendary Late Actress and Civil Rights Activist
“’The High Priestess of Dark Alley’ is brilliant…Alexander weaves together a captivating, humor-filled story peopled by characters who are suffering from the cards life has dealt them.”
Amsterdam News
“High Priestess is utter laughs and joy from beginning to end…arguably one of the most consequential plays on race and love within the New Orleans community in a generation.”
Louisiana Weekly
“A play that is poignant and often a great deal of fun…a
realistic portrait of families that anyone can identify with and enjoy.”
Gambit-Best of New Orleans
“An enriching blend of heartwarming family drama with
side splitting humor and a dash of social commentary.”

The High Priestess of Dark Alley

Two sisters do battle with their domineering mother over the men they love.

The High Priestess of Dark Alley is the story of three Creole women, Celeste Thibodaux and her two daughters, Claire and Janee Charbonnet. Trapped by the conventions of intra-racial divisions within the African American community, the sisters are pitted against their mother regarding issues of color, class, sexuality and generational differences.

Production Info:  Cast of 3 women and 3 men (all African American), box set, runtime approximately 125 minutes with a ten minute intermission.

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Production photos by Edouard H.R. Gluck