A young African American man, quickly closing in on the much sought after American Dream, comes to terms with the fact that no amount of success can shield him from the ills that face our society. In the end family, good friends, and a supportive community rally to help him once again find Joy.

Joy received a Best Feature Film award from The Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. The film’s score was composed by the late jazz great Weldon Irvine, author of the classic anthem To Be Young Gifted And Black. The soundtrack features new songs by Mr. Irvine including Make It All Better, a collaboration featuring Q-Tip, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli.

An insightful drama on life in America.” —

A touching and heartrending story…leaves the viewer with a sense of hope and purpose.” —

A wake-up call… a reminder that racial naiveté is costly and the struggle for justice continues.” —Creativity Magazine

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